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Curefini Ointment

Curefini Ointment

Promotes a positive environment for the natural healing of skin injuries.

... Clinically tested
... Made with natural ingredients
... Steroid-Free
... Antibiotic-Free
... Well Tollerated
... Hypoallergenic

Curefini Ointment is formulated with a balanced combination of glycerides of oleic, linoleic and palmitic acids, triglycerides of rhinoleic and oleic fatty acids, arachidonic acid vitamins A and D in glycerides of palmitic and stearic acids, petrolatum, beeswax and non-fatty elements of vegetable and mineral oils.

Frequency of Use and Storage

Store at 20C-25C (68 F - 77 F). Keep in a cool place - Do not freeze.

Curefini Ointment can help you with

Chronic and Acute Wounds

EB Injuries

Diabetic Foot


Severe Eczema


Leg Ulcers

How to apply Curefini Ointment

Curefini Ointment is a topical ointment for external use only. Maximum and minimum doses are not established. In order to obtain optimal benefit, please, follow directions closely and carefully.

Curefini Ointment is a novel wound management treatment offers an innovative mechanism of wound debridement by which secretion, infection and/or death tissue is "swept" gently from the wound with every gauze/dressing bandage change, and without requiring any further wound cleaning action.

Curefini Ointment should not be combined with other creams, ointments or pre-treated dressing materials. Always use clean and dry bandages and dressings to cover wounds treated with Curefini Ointment.

Step 1

Prepare a dry and clean gauze/dressing on a flat surface. The gauze/dressing should be cut to a size that would over the wound completel and extend approximately 1inch over the size of the wound barriers. Spread Curefini Ointment evenly, onto the gauze/dressing, creating a thin layer that covers the gauze/dressing completely.

Step 2

Spread Curefini Ointment evenly, onto the gauze/dressing, creating a thin layer that covers the gauze/dressing completely.

Step 3

Apply the gauze/dressing containing Curefini Ointment directly on the wound, putting the side spread with Curefini in direct contact with the wound. The gauze/dressing should cover the woud in full, and extend approximately 1inch (3 cm) beyond the affected area. A separate, clean bandage should we placed on top, to hold the gauze/dressing in place.

Step 4

Gauze/dressings and bandages should be changed at minium twice a day, every 12 hrs, or as frequently as needed. When changing the dressings, REMEMBER - DO NOT clean or scrub the wounded area. All wound secretion, infection or death tissue is removed with the old bandage and no further wound cleaning action is needed. Remove the dressing and replace by a new one, repeating directions starting with Step 1.